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The bestin visualstorytelling

Polygraph is a data journalism agency within The Pudding, an award-winning digital publication. We specialize in editorially-focused visualization.

Our projects follow a few recipes

  • Visualizing comprehensive research

    We translate your existing research (often trapped in PDFs) into content that effectively communicates insights using data-led visuals.

  • Ideation using existing data

    You come to us with your own data and a need for insightful stories with it. We develop content for policy makers, journalists, or the public.

  • Editorial content

    We create bespoke datasets from scratch around a topic that’s important to your organization and present it in various editorial-focused visualization mediums.

  • Sponsored content

    We co-brand an article on The Pudding on a topic relevant to your brand and audience. This may integrate proprietary data or tools.

Featured projects