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illustration of cluster of dots, as part of the Polygraph brand identity

We Create GORGEOUS DATA-LED stories

Polygraph is a studio composed of the same team behind The Pudding. We're your favorite in-house data journalism team with an eye for translating complex information into visual content.

We partner with like-minded organizations, providing everything, including ideation, research, design, narrative, code, publishing—the whole nine yards.


A series of beautifully-animated video explainers... more

Music/Data Lobby Installation

A real-time visualization in Universal Music Group’s lobby headquarters... more

Economic Graph Research

An on-going partnership with LinkedIn to visualize academic research, traditionally reported in PDFs... more

Reconstructing Seven Days of Protest

An interactive timeline built from protest videos in the seven days after George Floyd's death... more

World Cup Shorts

A 5-video series about the data trends surrounding the World Cup... more

Social Policy Lab Stories

A data storytelling platform that makes Harvard's academic research easier to understand for policymakers... more