Trump’s most popular YouTube video is a tour of his Boeing 757 ✈

This is what America is watching among Clinton and Trump’s 1,200 videos on YouTube

For the past year, Trump has dominated the media spotlight. Some people blame the media companies, who chase ratings, ad revenue, and circulation rather than balanced coverage.

But Trump’s personal media – his YouTube videos – are just as voraciously consumed. Here’s a look at how every county in America watches the videos he posts and how it compares to Clinton’s.

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From November until January, Trump’s YouTube channels were averaging 4,000-5,000 views per day (Clinton was averaging 50,000 to 100,000 views per day or 5x to 10x more than Trump). Things changed in late January: Trump improved 10x, beginning to average 30,000 to 50,000 views per day. On February 1st, the day of the first caucus in Iowa, his views surged to 90,000, led by a tour of his 757 and an Ivanka Trump video about Iowa caucus locations.

Clinton’s and Trump’s Top 3 Videos, by Month

By examining month-to-month trends, views typically increased when a state was about to vote in its primary. For example, in the month leading up to Iowa’s primary (also the first state to vote), the state had the highest views per 10,000 people in the country.

YouTube Views Per 10,000 People, Jan 1 - Feb 1 (Iowa Caucas on Feb 1)

Trump Videos

Clinton Videos

Clinton outpaced Trump until late February. During March and April, nearly every state watched more of Trump’s content than Clinton’s. In May, Clinton regained the lead when Priorities USA, a Clinton Super PAC, released two Trump attack ads about his comments toward women.

In May, the attack ads were the first and second most popular videos from either candidate, receiving a combined 550,000 views in the US. #3 was a newly released Trump video titled "My Dad" from Donald J Trump Jr.